Fort Lauderdale Craft Beer Tour

Cycle Party
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GROUP SIZE: Min 6 | Max 15 per bike (more than 15? Call us!)

MEETING POINT: Downtown Fort Lauderdale (exact address provided upon booking)

ATTIRE: Casual, wear comfortable shoes (heels and platforms not recommended)

INCLUDES: Souvenir cup 

Fort Lauderdale Craft Beer Tour: A Hoppy Odyssey


Immerse Yourself in a World of Craft Excellence: Ready to elevate your beer-tasting experience? Cycle Party invites you to join us on an unforgettable journey through the heart of Fort Lauderdale’s burgeoning craft beer scene. As we pedal together from bar to bar, you’ll have the unique opportunity to taste the city’s most exceptional brews, discover hidden gems, and fully immerse yourself in the local beer culture. Our Craft Beer Tour is more than just a tasting experience; it’s a celebration of innovation, passion, and the art of brewing. We’ve carefully curated a route that takes you to the finest establishments in town, including the renowned Riverside Market – a haven for craft beer enthusiasts.

As you engage your senses and your taste buds, our state-of-the-art party bike ensures your journey is smooth, fun, and utterly memorable. Enjoy the gentle breeze, the camaraderie of fellow beer lovers, and the thrill of discovery as you pedal your way through Fort Lauderdale’s liquid gold. Every stop on our tour is an invitation to explore, taste, and toast to the creativity of local brewers. 

Whether you’re a seasoned beer connoisseur or new to the craft beer world, our Craft Beer Tour is designed to delight, educate, and leave you with lasting memories (and maybe a new favorite brew). So grab your friends, book your tour, and let’s raise a glass to the best beers Fort Lauderdale has to offer!

Note: We have changed our policy on BYOB. You are allowed to bring drinks as long as they come pre-packaged in aluminum cans. No glass, no plastic, no pre-mixed drinks made at home.

Some of the bars we work with:

  • The Den
  • American Social
  • Original Fat Cats
  • Salt7
  • The Riverside Market

What our guests say: