Miami Tours Chris October 25, 2023

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FROM $39
Happy Hour Crawl

Dive into the pulsating heart of Wynwood’s nightlife with Cycle Partyโ€™s Happy Hour Crawl, guiding you to the hottest spots for the best evening deals! Embrace the energy, share the laughter, and pedal your way through a memorable night out with friends.

FROM $49
Bar Crawl

Experience the ultimate pedal-powered fiesta with our classic Bar Crawl, where every pedal brings you closer to Wynwood’s top-notch bars and restaurants! Indulge in a round of drinks, share laughs, and create lasting memories on this epic adventure.

FROM $499
Brewery Tour

Attention all craft beer enthusiasts! Our Brewery Tour is a pedal-powered journey through Wynwood’s finest breweries, promising an afternoon filled with hops, unique flavors, and the joy of shared laughter on a party bike.

FROM $49

Discover the colorful stories of Wynwood’s art scene on our FAMILY-FRIENDLY InstaTour, where every stop is a photo-op and every mural tells a tale. Strike a pose, capture the moment, and let the world see Wynwood through your eyes as you pedal through this artistic haven.